Welcome to Thermal Scanners

As the thermal imaging specialists, Thermal Scanners have provided crucial preventative & predictive maintenance to companies for over 10 years. This service has help to avoid dangerous emergencies, as well as significantly reducing interruption and down-time to a diverse number of companies facilities throughout Australia. Facilities include universities, schools, hospitals, councils, shopping centres, factories, resorts, hotels and other commercial facilities.

Thermal Scanners’ superior camera specifications and the experience of our thermographers, able us to provide power companies and large scale mining operations with an accurate thermal survey detail on their equipment and operations.

Thermal Imaging Nationwide Service

We have you covered, whether your requirements are local, national, metro or regional. Thermal Scanners will service your business with experienced thermographers, using the latest Thermal Imaging cameras across Australia. Many rural centres can be serviced with no additional travel charges as Thermal Scanners are already in your area working on National contracts. Contact our head office to find out more on 1300 663 742.

What is Thermography?

Infrared thermography uses specialised equipment to detect infrared energy emitted from an object. Thermal imaging cameras use software to convert the detected energy into temperature. The resulting information is displayed as an image called a thermogram. These images of temperature distribution provide valuable information about a product’s surface thermal map which will give an insight into operating conditions.

Correctly applied, thermography is a fast, accurate and inexpensive method of gathering thermal data and problem detection. The knowledge gained provides the means to efficiently manage maintenance operations, optimise plant performance and increase plant life and safety.